Hauling and Debris Removal


Hauling and Debris Removal Services from CoCo County Drain Cleaning & Plumbing

Since 1974, our team at CoCo County Drain Cleaning & Plumbing has been the trusted provider of reliable hauling and debris removal services in Walnut Creek, CA, and nearby areas. We’ve built and maintained a solid reputation for dependable, courteous, and cost-effective services that keep residential and commercial properties clean and safe.


Hauling and Debris Removal for Residential and Commercial Projects

We haul away bulky, heavy, loose, and messy items from your residential or commercial property. When you need debris removal, count on our trustworthy team. We remove building materials, concrete, junk, dirt, rocks, tree stumps, and large tree branches.  Our hauling services include bringing in gravel, sand, topsoil, and fill dirt and placing the material in the location of your choice.

Addressing A Host of Issues and Benefiting Our Customers

Not all homeowners and business owners have access to a truck with the capacity to haul heavy or loose materials. We remove or bring the necessary material  in a timely manner to ensure your project stays on time. Our crew addresses your need for bulk quantities of landscaping, gardening, or property improvement materials.

Too much debris on your property creates an eyesore. Debris also puts your property at risk of pest infestations and fires. Your business license or insurance policy could hinge on maintaining clearance and sanitary property. We help you maintain compliance and keep your property clear. After a construction, renovation, or plumbing project, debris removal allows you to return your attention to other important activities or projects as quickly as possible.

Hauling and Debris Removal FAQs

We recycle as much as possible and take the rest to the landfill or other approved disposal sites.


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